October 2017: NL 1017 Linn Forest Protective Association Law Enforcement Committee

NL 1017 Linn Forest Protective Association Law Enforcement Committee
By Sherm Sallee

Mid-August is the time frame for the annual Linn Forest Protective Association (LFPA) Law Enforcement Committee meeting. It precedes the hunting season and is a time for forestland owners to learn about problems law enforcement officials are finding in the timberlands as well as to discuss the availability of their lands for public hunting with local law enforcement (State Police and Sheriff’s Office).

This year’s meeting also included an update to the status for preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse event. By the time you read this article, you will know the outcome of the event on the forestland in Linn County and throughout the state. Hopefully it will be a non-event as far as forest fires are concerned. As of now, the forestlands are extremely dry. As a result, almost all landowners are discouraging visitors until a significant rain event occurs. Gates are locked and signs are posted to discourage camping and the associated campfires.

This committee meeting is a great way for forestland owners to communicate with the officers patrolling our properties. We find out from them what problems they are seeing on various land ownerships and we, in turn, can pass along our concerns. If you have any questions about this committee or any of the other functions of LFPA, you can contact me at sksallee@yahoo.com.


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