March 2019: Woodlands Information Night

On the evening of March 6, 2019,  Linn County Chapter hosted a Woodlands Information Night at the OSU Extension classroom in Tangent, OR.
W.I.N. is an annual event sponsored between the Linn and Benton Chapters of the Small Woodlands Association. This year's event was well attended with more than 26 people present.

On this occasion, there were two guest speakers and both spoke on land management planning, with additional emphasis on products and other opportunities to profit from non-timber products.
Matt Fehrenbacher of Trout Mountain Forestry in Corvallis and Portland, spoke specifically about Management plans for small woodland owners.  He touched on some of the concerns and what land owners and managers should consider before and while writing and implementing their management plans.
Jim Merzenich, Brownsville area landowner, also spoke about his land management plan, but with a greater emphasis on non-timber forest products and projects on his tree farm such as; running a small herd of highland cattle, distilling of essential oils, cutting hardwood saplings for broom handles, hosting a Bluebird trail and inviting friends and relatives to participate in recreation activities, as well as conservation easements for endangered wildlife, like the Fender's blue butterfly.  

Refreshments were graciously baked and provided by Kathy Otis and Shirley Jolliff; it was apparent that the cookies, biscotti and mint-brownies were received enthusiastically by those present. All credit goes to Tim Otis as Linn county Vice President and Events coordinator for the behind the scenes work for inviting the guest speakers as well as setting up the room.  Much appreciation to OSU Extension's  Brad Withrow-Robinson and Jody Einerson for producing the notices in the Needle as well as allowing us the use of the classroom.


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